Lithium Mining in Russia

Most pegmatites in Russia are tantalite–containing. Here are provided just some of them: Kolmozerskoe - approximately 600,000 ton.; Polmostundrovskoe, Ulug-Tanzek, Goltsovoe and Urikskoe are estimated to contain 300,000 to 600,000 ton. of lithium carbonate.

None of them are currently being mined.

The traditional hard-rock mining of pegmatites containing the lithium bearing silicate spudomene is time, energy and cost intensive. Lithium is the thirty-third most frequently occurring mineral so it’s not exactly scarce, but concentrations are generally too low, and extraction too difficult and costly to be viable. The major trend in the lithium industry has been a transition from hard rock mining-based sources of lithium to brine-based ones. The cost-effectiveness of brine operations forced large producers in Russia to buy raw materials from brine producers.